• Haida Film Project

    Edge of the Knife: Preparing Props

      By Graham Richard — Like any full-length film, the upcoming Haida language feature Edge of the Knife requires a large range of props and Haida craft-makers are hard at work to provide film crews [...]
  • Marine


    Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau introduced Bill C-48, the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act, to the House of Commons in Ottawa today. The proposed federal legislation formalizes a crude oil tanker moratorium along the coast. The [...]
  • Haida Film Project

    Edge of the Knife: Three to the power of all

      Twenty-five actors worked through two weeks of intensive Haida language training at Hl’yaalan ‘Lngee Hiellen Village nestled beside Taaw Tow Hill this past month. Here muskeg drains over a sandy beach which stretches away [...]

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