• Marine

    Green Crabs: Nothing Yet

    Terri J Bell, CHN Marine Planning Lurking along coastal shores, with five spines on the side of its head and razor sharp claws- eating nearly everything and anything in sight is the European green crab, [...]
  • National Affairs

    A Meeting of Minds and Spirit

    The Central Council of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (Tlingit & Haida) arrived this past week on Haida Gwaii meeting with the Council of the Haida Nation Executive. The two governments met [...]
  • Clean Energy

    Projecting Power

    Ileah Mattice & Rhonda McIsaac On August 18th, the day before the Haida Heritage Centre’s anniversary, youth from Hiit’aganiina Kuuyas Naay Skidegate Youth Centre were invited to learn about solar panels and how to install [...]
  • Marine

    Getting a Foothold in North Beach

    Terri J. Bell, CHN Marine Planning — It’s five in the morning and my blaring alarm wakes me up. I shoot out of bed; my heart is racing as if I’d had a bad dream. [...]

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