Touchdown at Sk’aadg̱aa Naay

July 6, 2015 info@haidanation.com 0

Delighted parents kept excited children at a distance as a helicopter landed on the Sk’aadg_aa Naay Elementary School field this Sunday. Members of the Seahawks travelled a long way from their hometown of Seattle to […]


Gad Ts’asdll: A Big Celebration

June 30, 2015 info@haidanation.com 0

By Tawla Jaad — Aboriginal Day was celebrated at Sk’aad Aboriginal Day was celebrated at Sk’aadgaa Naay Elementary School with a variety of activities that honoured the Haida territory on which the school is situated. […]


2 Poles and 400 Strong

June 18, 2015 info@haidanation.com 1

By Tawla Jaad — The students of Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay welcomed the students of Sk’aadgaa Naay Elementary, Agnus L. Mathers Elementary and members of the community to witness the raising of two totem poles at the […]

Truth & Reconciliation

The Truth and Reconciliation Reports

June 18, 2015 info@haidanation.com 0

For over a century, the central goals of Canada’s Aboriginal policy were to eliminate Aboriginal governments; ignore Aboriginal rights; terminate the Treaties; and, through a process of assimilation, cause Aboriginal peoples to cease to exist […]


Geoducks: Age before beauty

June 17, 2015 info@haidanation.com 0

Gaaw Xaad Kil: Stan Hlgaagilda Xaayda Kil: Stan English: Geoduck Latin: Panopea generosa Forty feet below the low tideline, a field of siphons tosses millions of eggs into the blurry summer waters of Haida Gwaii. […]


Gordon Reid Stands Up

June 17, 2015 info@haidanation.com 0

CCGS Gordon Reid is a 49.9 metre offshore patrol vessel weighing 879 gross tons. Its four Deutz 628 engines can produce 4800 horsepower, propelling Gordon Reid to a maximum speed of 16.5 knots. The vessel […]

Haida Gwaii

Daawuuxusda: What’s at stake

June 17, 2015 info@haidanation.com 1

Stretching 250 kilometres from north to south, Duuguusd/Daawuuxusda the west coast of Haida Gwaii is remote, jagged, and robust. Rocky pinnacles and battered reefs are neighbours to pocket beaches and sheltered sounds. Because it is […]

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