Super Cute: Stubby Squid

May 4, 2018 0

  Rhonda Lee McIsaac — The Stubby squid, Rossia pacifica of the sepiolid family of cephalopods, was recently observed in the milky green waters of southern Haida Gwaii during the Haida Fisheries Program herring survey. […]


A Living Classroom Experience

June 14, 2017 0

A migrating group of 8 kun humpback whales put on a show for Dave Wahl’s grade 7 graduating class who were travelling to T’aalan Stl’ang this week. The intelligent kun were bubble net feeding on iinang herring and […]


K̲ay sk̲’yuuwan (Sea lion whiskers)

April 25, 2017 0

Rhonda Lee McIsaac — Pinnipeds (emuud seal, kay sea lion, and walruses), rodents, and insectivores like jiigwal awGa shrews have sk‘yuuwan whiskers. These sk‘yuuwan are a sensory organ with a muscle structure that allows them to individually […]


Haana Nadjuu (Cute & small)

June 3, 2016 0

Xaayda Kil: Tl’lhlk’yah English: Common Merganser (female) Latin: Mergus merganser In Haida Gwaii tl’lhlk’yah are common breeding residents. Males and females look entirely different in breeding plumage, but during their non-breeding ‘eclipse’ from July to […]


Humpbacks get big air

April 19, 2016 0

— Rhonda Lee McIsaac Gaaw Xaad Kil: Kun HlGaagilda Xaayda Kil: Kun English: Humpback Whale Latin: Megaptera novaeangliae (large winged) Kun Humpback whale are baleen whales, a filter feeder, and one of 76 cetacean species. […]


Sgalts’id (Red shafted flicker)

March 8, 2016 1

English: Red-shafted flicker Hlgaagilda Xaayda Kil: Sgalts’id Latin: Colaptes auratus cafer Sgalts’id is a charismatic woodpecker with a large migratory range throughout the western half of north and central America. Due to its prevalence across […]


An armoured-up cutie pie

October 23, 2015 0

HlGaagilda Xaayda Kil: chiina sk’aajuu English: Pacific spiny lumpsucker Latin: Eumicrotremus orbis (good-little-hole circle) A spherical body can make for a clumsy swimmer, but Spiny lumpsuckers take a break from the jostling by anchoring themselves […]

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