So fall Saturn’s falls

December 14, 2016 haidanation 0

By Graham Richard — Twenty years ago a team of Earthlings launched the spacecraft Cassini to explore interplanetary space and learn more about our celestial cousins. The elephant-sized craft used home planet Earth and harbinger […]


Totem in the forest

December 9, 2016 haidanation 0

Coming out of a winter hibernation and enjoying the solitude and seafood along the beaches is a natural activity for grizzly bears and their cubs, and Old Massett Village Council and the Tluu Xaada Naay […]


Sight and Sound

November 28, 2016 haidanation 0

Haida language learners and teachers gathered at Xaad Kihlga Suu.u on October 29th to learn from a special guest who was visiting from Hydaburg. Alaskan Xaad Kil teacher K’uyáang Benjamin Young brought students together at the […]


Squidgy-looking stuff!

November 23, 2016 haidanation 0

Is it a gelatine-based dessert from the 1960s? Or a daisy pattern on a dress? Maybe it’s a space monster from the newest Star Trek flick? Under the microscope, things can start to look … […]

Protected Areas

Where seabirds gather

November 22, 2016 haidanation 0

Graham Richard — At the top of Hlkinul Kaahlii Cumshewa Inlet runs a river called Gawu Kuns Gandlaay Pallant Creek. This is the home of Jiila Kuns, the owner of salmon and mother of frogs. Here her […]


Hunting down aliens

November 21, 2016 haidanation 0

Molly Clarkson — An international team tracks the spread of tunicates in Haida Gwaii waters Slimy and brightly coloured, these aliens – otherwise known as Chain tunicate (Botrylloides violaceus) and Star tunicate (Botryllus sclosseri) – […]


Canny creatures with radical radula

November 8, 2016 haidanation 0

Molly Clarkson — Four hundred and twenty million years ago, the ancestors of naw/nuu East Pacific Red Octopus had bodies that were covered by a thick shell. But as fish became more abundant competition for […]

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