May 13, 2020

Aan gii dalang isis sGaawguu dang hll kil ‘láa ga · Aatl’aan gu t’alang dang ahl kil ‘laagang · We thank you for being here

Since the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic, All-Island leaders have been working together to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. Haida Gwaii governments and elected leaders are actively lobbying provincial and federal governments to work with us in restricting non-essential travel to the Islands. Essential travel is still welcomed to ensure vital services and project work is maintained in our communities.

All-Island leaders have worked together to develop a thorough application and vetting process to ensure that workers arriving here follow the state of emergency measures. Applications must include a safe work plan and community safety plan, as well as confirmation that self-isolation or physical distancing will be respected when in our Island communities. All workers must take the online COVID-19 self-assessment tool and be symptom-free to be permitted to work here.

We have great gratitude for those essential workers who are continuing to provide vital services during this pandemic. From grocery deliveries to the Coast Guard and health care professionals, we welcome essential service providers who travel to Haida Gwaii to deliver crucial work in our Island communities at this difficult time.

Unified Command would like to say haawa · haw’aa · thank you to all Island residents for following the local states of emergency and the Haida Nation’s state of emergency measures. We extend gratitude and appreciation to all who are providing essential services to Haida Gwaii.


Information on the off-Island Essential Work Permit Application is available at <haidanation.ca>

Haida Gwaii is committed to a collaborative, community-centered response to COVID-19. A Unified Command (UC) was established to ensure all communities are coordinated and involved in local and collective responses. UC includes representatives from the Council of the Haida Nation and each Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). Skidegate and Old Massett, the North Coast Regional District, as well as the Villages of Queen Charlotte, Port Clements, and Masset all have EOCs.

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