Haida Film Project

Translation continues

January 11, 2017 info@haidanation.com 0

Graham Richard — A six-person team went to work on the script for the upcoming feature-length movie that will be filmed entirely in Xaayda language. Fluent northern dialect speaker Ilskyaalas Dolores Churchill and fluent southern […]

Protected Areas

Where seabirds gather

November 22, 2016 info@haidanation.com 0

Graham Richard — At the top of Hlkinul Kaahlii Cumshewa Inlet runs a river called Gawu Kuns Gandlaay Pallant Creek. This is the home of Jiila Kuns, the owner of salmon and mother of frogs. Here her […]


The Perfect Gift

September 28, 2016 info@haidanation.com 0

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will take a piece of history away with them after their visit on Haida Gwaii. They will receive a t’aaGuu as a gift from the Haida Nation. This is […]


Paddle with a Message

September 27, 2016 info@haidanation.com 0

BC commissioned a Yellow cedar aal from artist Yaahl ‘Aadaa (Cori Savard). The paddle will be presented as a gift from the Province to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by Premier Christy Clark on […]


Salmon Bones and Bonehead

July 12, 2016 info@haidanation.com 0

Rhonda McIsaac — The slick brown face of a Sdllguu river otter hlgiits’idýaaga bobbing out of the water  eats the discarded remains of a salmon head at the Yaagun Gandlaay Yakoun River boat launch area. […]


Of Sunshine and Sockeye

June 17, 2016 info@haidanation.com 0

By Tawla Jaad — Lined up at the ferry dock waiting for the Kwuna, students from the Haida classes at Gidgalang Kuuyas Naay grades 8 through 12 equipped with backpacks, k’aas st’aas.sk’aayah gumboots and xaw sk’aang.uu […]


Graduating with honour

June 3, 2016 info@haidanation.com 0

By Tawla Jaad — On May 28, 2016, the largest HlGaagilda Skidegate Haida graduating class ever, received gung.alang.uu gyaa’ad button blankets as they prepare to embark on an exciting new stage in their lives. The Taajuu […]


Kelp! This ain’t good!

May 20, 2016 info@haidanation.com 0

By Rhonda Lee McIsaac — Linang herring in Xaana Kaahlii GawGaay Skidegate Inlet have more nuisances to worry about than being picked on by hungry ts’aag eagles, sk’in seagulls, k’yaaluu cormorants, xuud seals, kay sea […]

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