House of Assembly
The House of Assembly (HOA) is the legislative body of the Haida National government. It is here that the CHN reports to the people of the Haida Nation on the progress of the work it has been directed to do through resolutions passed at the House of Assembly. As well as setting the mandate for the coming year, through motions and resolutions, this legislative body also passes laws that are consistent with the Constitution of the Haida Nation.

The HOA is held on the second week of October of each year alternating between Old Massett and Skidegate. Besides the HOA the CHN meets on a quarterly basis and as required. Motions are discussed, debated and voted on by the citizens.

Besides the HOA there are regular sittings of the CHN that are held quarterly, according to the seasons of the year to discuss progress on issues, make decisions as to next steps, and bring forward new business. The HOA and Quarterly meetings are attended by Haida citizens and spouses of Haida citizens. People who are not of Haida Ancestry, who are not employees of CHN, SHN, OMVC and SBC or guests asked to participate in discussion on specific Agenda items can be invited by the Executive.

Below is the basic outline for these meetings and as with the HOA the meetings alternate between Skidegate and Old Massett:

Quarterly Meetings are held every 3 months, over the course of 3 days.

Day One
Work Session - General housekeeping and setting of work calendars
takes place.

Day Two
All Leaders' Process Meeting - Issues of national interest are discussed by the CHN, Village Councils, and the Hereditary Chiefs Council.

Day Three
Public Meeting - The CHN reports to the people of the Haida Nation on the work it has done during the previous three months. The CHN provides updates on specific issues and projects and makes decisions, by motion, on recommendations brought forward to the meeting. Day Three also give Haida citizens an opportunity to comment and/or ask questions about the topics on the meeting agenda.

Public meetings other than the House of Assembly and Quarterly meetings are hosted from time to time by the CHN to give and receive information on specific issues.