Haida Fisheries Program

In April 2015 the CHN and BC approved the Haida Gwaii Marine Plan. The purpose of the Marine Plan is to identify acceptable marine uses that support sustainable communities on Haida Gwaii while protecting and, where necessary, restoring marine ecosystems.

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Balancing different ocean uses while protecting marine ecosystems is a challenge faced by people around the world. Proactive and coordinated efforts to manage human activities will ensure healthy oceans for present and future generations.

Making it happen on Haida Gwaii
In 2006, the Council of the Haida Nation established the Haida Marine Work Group. This group identified priorities for the development of the Haida Gwaii Marine Use Plan. The Work Group is supported by the Haida Oceans Technical Team and continues to meet to discuss marine planning. It includes representatives of the CHN, hereditary leaders, Old Massett Village Council, Skidegate Band Council, and members of the Haida public.

To inform its work, the Work Group commissioned two studies – a Haida Marine Traditional Knowledge Study and Haida Gwaii Marine Market Sector Analysis. The Haida Marine Work Group also sought input from the broader Haida community.

In September 2011, the CHN established the Haida Gwaii Marine Advisory Committee, a group of individuals with experience and knowledge, about the waters around Haida Gwaii. Several months later, First Nations, including the Haida Nation, and BC launched the Marine Planning Partnership (MaPP) process and work began on the
Haida Gwaii Marine Plan, which is a component of the MaPP process.

What’s going on?
There are four marine planning projects underway for Haida Gwaii. Although the processes
fall under different legislation and are proceeding on different timelines, the agencies are
coordinating their activities.

The projects
Haida Gwaii Marine Plan

Gwaii Haanas National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site

Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA) Initiative

SGaan Kinghlas / Bowie Seamount Marine Protected Area