Under direction from the 2013 House of Assembly, the Council of the Haida Nation has developed X̱aayda ‘Waadlux̱an k’wii Haida Citizenship Act, which was adopted-in-principle at the 2016 House of Assembly and will be presented for formal adoption at the CHN Special House of Assembly in May 2017.

Once adopted, X̱aayda ‘Waadlux̱an k’wii will allow the CHN to create and maintain a register of Haida citizens, and begin to issue certificates of Haida citizenship and Haida citizenship cards.

For more information about X̱aayda ‘Waadlux̱an k’wii, please contact the CHN Policy Analyst at policy@haidanation.com or 250.559.4468.

For more information about clan trees or citizenship registration, please contact the CHN Citizenship Coordinator at citizenship@haidanation.com or 250.626.5252.