Weaving International Relations

April 29, 2016 0

Weaver Kujuuhl Evelyn Vanderhoop was invited to the port city of Thessaloniki, Greece to present workshops and a lecture in conjunction with the travelling exhibition Haida: Life, Spirit, Art, being held at the  Archeological Museum […]


Bobblehead Road

April 27, 2016 1

By Graham Richard — In anticipation of this year’s returning taaxid sockeye, Fisheries staff headed down Bobblehead Road to K’aasda Gandlaay Copper River Tuesday, April 11. The team was there to install a fence that helps fisheries […]


Rounding the razor’s edge

April 21, 2016 0

— Rhonda Lee McIsaac During a long distance telephone conversation Dene activist lawyer Caleb Behn offered insight into how he copes with the stress related to his life and work schedule, which sees him on […]


Humpbacks get big air

April 19, 2016 0

— Rhonda Lee McIsaac Gaaw Xaad Kil: Kun HlGaagilda Xaayda Kil: Kun English: Humpback Whale Latin: Megaptera novaeangliae (large winged) Kun Humpback whale are baleen whales, a filter feeder, and one of 76 cetacean species. […]

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