Haida Film Project

Edge of the Knife: GingG̲a

June 28, 2017 info@haidanation.com 0

GingGa, bathing in cold water for strength, is a practice that spans northwest coast societies. Maternal uncles instill discipline and strength in their nephews by bathing them in the sea and whipping them with hemlock […]


What nice Ovoids you have!

June 20, 2017 info@haidanation.com 0

Rhonda Lee McIsaac — Over the past few months, Kilthguulans Christian White has been busy instructing the young carvers in the practical application of Northwest Coast Art. Apprentices Daisy White, Shaylana Brown, Jennica Bell, Tiffany […]


A Living Classroom Experience

June 14, 2017 info@haidanation.com 0

A migrating group of 8 kun humpback whales put on a show for Dave Wahl’s grade 7 graduating class who were travelling to T’aalan Stl’ang this week. The intelligent kun were bubble net feeding on iinang herring and […]