Taadaa Kungaas

December 31, 2019 0

Kung photo: Ileah Mattice Rhonda Lee McIsaac Looking out at the water from the shoreline, black k’yaaluuwee Pelagic cormorants stand against the shifting wind patterns and heavy washes of waves. They perch on the rocky […]


Waaydanaa Now Is the Time

November 28, 2019 0

Rhonda Lee McIsaac In a new 16-minute film Haida director and animator Waats’daa Christopher Auchter brings his gift of storytelling through visual arts to the screen once again. Now is the Time is a re-telling […]


Gwaay Taan spotted this fall

November 22, 2019 1

Rhonda Lee McIsaac What is big, black, orange, and wanders in the woods? Gwaay Taan, of course! “Gwaay Taan” is the cub captured along with his sister in November 2017. They were sent to the […]


Haida Writes

November 18, 2019 1

Rhonda Lee McIsaac Continuing with oral narratives and story-telling traditions, Haida writers have been contributing to Indigenous literature in many genres over many decades. Here is a small list of Kuugin guu gina K’aalang.ngas books […]

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