2020 All Native Basketball Challenge

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Skil Jaadee White

For more than six decades, basketball has played a huge part in our experience as Haida. If you don’t play the sport yourself, you surely have family and friends who play in the annual All Native Basketball Tournament. Every winter, excitement builds as the Haida Nation prepares to represent our communities. In some ways, this sport is a modern and friendly way of engaging in long-standing coastal competition between Indigenous nations.

Our language intertwines many aspects of our culture and strengthens all that id kuuniisii our ancestors have given us to learn. As we move forward as Haida, we continue to grow culturally and adapt ancestral teachings to our diverse environments.

Xaad Kil Nee Challenges you!
The 2020 ANBT is just around the corder and Xaad Kil Nee is challenging Haida citizens and friends to learn more Haida! Demonstrate Haida pride and celebrate our place-based language from by learning these words and phrases!

EnglishXaad kilXaayda kil
basketballskusk’ajuuGaad Skaak'adang
ballskusk’ajuuGina Skaajuus
All Native Basketball TournamentXaadgee gud ahl naangangXaaydaGa Gud Kan.gudang
coachnang kihlgulasNang KilGuhlGas
playersnang skusk’ajuu leeygasNaang LlGaayGalang
captainnang skusk’ajuu k’ulasGa K'uulas
hurry backhawiid hl sdiihlHaawiid hla sdiihl
startkaatlaaHay hay
help medii ga hl tlaaydDii gii hla tllGad
get itla hl isdiiDaw hla.
shootjid hlaJidGad hla.
turnan tadll' juuhldiiDlljaGuhlda
that’s enoughhu tlaanHawsdluu
time outk’asgad ‘wee GadawangK'waay hla Gid.
pass the ballskusk’ajuu dii ga isdiiGina skaajuus hla k'aat'a
nice movehuu laagaa!Dlljuu yahda
get the ballskusk’ajuu hl duuSkaajuus hla daw!
use your headk’atsang hl gyaandiiKaajing hla gyaaging
we woniitl’ gwii kalgang!Id gwii Kaay.yil ga
everyone is cheeringdalang ‘waadluwaan gudangaay ‘laagangTl'l 'waadluxan siik'iiGadang

Basketball Challenge Poster PDF (8.5×11)

This article is published in the recent Haida Laas featuring Haida language speakers, learners and advocates. View or download the full edition here.



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