The Haida Nation is proud to celebrate and acknowledge graduates in Gaw Tlagée, HlGaagilda and beyond. The following is a Great List presenting the names of Haida citizens who have completed certification in their field of choice! Congratulations to you all and all the best with your future plans. 


Skil Jaada Vanessa Fladmark, Masters in Biological Oceanography, UBC 



Starnita Nyce, Bachelor of Arts in First Nations Studies, WWNI/UNBC 
Nicole Nicholas, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, UVIC 



Sagwad Arbutus Collison, Early Childhood dual diploma Special Needs & infant and toddlers at native education center 



Kaitlyn Nyce, Certificate in Nisga’a Studies, WWNI/UNBC 
Dakota Edenshaw-Russ, Bridgewatch Rating Certification, BCIT 


High School Diplomas 

Gudangaay Tlaats’gaa Naay 

Martina Abrahams 
Aaliyah Arens 
Aritanna Bell 
Olivia Bennett-Richardson
Cameron Holland 
Devan Marks 
Hannah McKay/Bell 
Desmond Setso 
Kailyn Swanson 
Olivia Smith 
Sheldon Smith 
Adam Washington 


GidGalang Kuuyas Naay 

Antony Amero
Reese Burton 
Eli Gladstone 
Kaleigh Goetzinger 
Xiila Guujaaw 
Carver Jones 
Cale Moraes 
Roan Olson-Collison 
Kostan Pelton 
Liam Pollard 
Madeline Ridley 
Cody Swain 
Guudiikaaying.ngaaw Solomon Wilson 


Graduated Citizens Off-Island 

Everett Montjoy 
Daylyn Moody-Moraes 
Mirella Simjuaay Nung Tusaay Nicoll 
Taniya Pearson 
Maya Cowpar-Mark 
Kayden Yaroshuk 
Kianna Richardson 
St’aallta Xyaalhl Laayga Jaad Ryah Doolan 
Luu Jadda Kaycee Williams  
Justice Polyck 
Evan Cracknell 
Nang Xayaahl giiyaas Tanaiya Laynee Pearson
Daniel Parrish-Josok


If we missed you or any Haida graduate this year, email us at and we will add them to the 2021 Great List!   


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