I’m a university student, do I need a permit to get home for the holidays?

University students coming home for the holidays are encouraged to fill out and submit an essential worker form. Returning students are reminded to follow the Haida Gwaii State of Emergency, and residents who have travelled should avoid public contact for 14-days upon returning to Haida Gwaii. Think about where you are travelling from and the risks to your family and community when planning your travels.   

Can I travel to Haida Gwaii for Christmas to visit my extended family or stay in my part-time residence?

Non-essential travel is not permitted at this time, and permit approvals for family visits are currently on hold. If Haida Gwaii is not your primary residence, we strongly discourage you from visiting. 

I’m a Haida citizen/ Island resident, can I shop in other communities?

Carefully assess your need to travel between communities and shop close to home when you are able. Not all our communities have all the amenities you might need, so move respectfully and follow posted guidelines. 

Do I need to self-isolate if I've travelled off-island?

Under the Haida Gwaii SOE, all Haida Gwaii residents are encouraged to self-isolate for 14 days, if possible. If that precautionary measure is not possible for you, your family, or employer, you should use extra care. In the event that you did bring COVID-19 home with you, it’s best to err on the side of caution. 

  • Practice physical distancing when outside your home 
  • Wear a mask if you can 
  • Avoid Elders and those with compromised immune systems for two weeks 
  • Limit your interactions to work or family responsibilities, and consider accessing the free grocery delivery services if they are available in your community 
  • Avoid public places and social gatherings during this time  
  • Monitor for symptoms 
Why were self-isolation requirements changed?

The self-isolation requirements haven’t really changed. The recommendation is the same: avoid public places after travel and self-isolate if you exhibit any symptoms – no exceptions.  

We all hold the responsibility to keep our communities safe. Those who have returned from travel off-Island are encouraged to self-isolate. If you can’t self-isolate because you have work or family responsibilities, limit your time in public places as much as possible for two full weeks. Monitor for symptoms for 14 days and be very mindful of your movement on Island in that time. 

What would change the isolation requirements again?

If there are confirmed COVID-19 cases on Haida Gwaii, stronger restrictions may need to be implemented again.  

The decision to move forward or backward in local emergency measures is directed by many factors, including: trends in COVID-19 cases, especially within BC and the Northern region, the status of the Canada / US border, and access to personal protective equipment. It also depends on testing, screening, contact tracing and balancing other health related issues. 

Is non-resident travel permitted?

No, the Haida Nation is asking visitors to respect the non-resident travel restriction at this time. We look forward to welcoming visitors back once it is safe to do so. The Haida Gwaii SOE will be updated when this changes.