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This year, the Haida Nation is proud to celebrate and acknowledge graduates at every level in Gaaw, HlGaagilda and beyond. Throughout the past few months, ceremonies and celebrations have honoured the graduates as they were awarded for their achievements. The following is a Great List, displaying the names of the Haidas furthering and pursuing their educational paths. If you or someone you know should be included in the list please send us their name and information so they can be included!

Tawla Jaad —


Payton Bruce

Marin Davies

Royal Funk Pearson

Vienna Hill

Kane Jones

Raina May

Taan Russ

Taija Russ

Halle Williams



Marissa Abrahams

Antony Amero

Aaliyah Arens

Aritanna Bell

Olivia Bennett-Richardson

Cory Brown

Reese Burton

Conner Edgars

Janelle Edgars

Elijah Gladstone

Kayleigh Goetzinger

Xiila Guujaaw

Lisa Hill

Mackenzie Jones

Gavin Konschun

Devon Marks

Cale Moraes

Kostan Pelton

Liam Pollard

Madeline Ridley

Valerie Roberts

Desmond Setso

Lydia Smith

Sheldon Smith

Leonard Squires

Cody Swain

Kailyn Swanson

Adam Washington

Douglas White

Kaden Yaroshuck



Tanner Andersen-Woode

Cody Belcourt

Jeremy Blake

Rayne Boyko

Austin Crosby

Samantha Derrick

Brigitte Edinger

Tristan Gravelle

Rebecca Holte

Natalie Hunter

Kostan Levirs

Eric Markham

Breanne Martin

Chase Moody

Courtney Pollard

Jasmine Ridley

Richard Ridley

Cheyanne Russ

Cole Sankey

Shyanna Sawyer

Jaylene Shelford

Megan Setso

Brian Smith

Mahalia Smith

Heather Stewart

Jessica Valentinsen

Simon Wesley

Rose Williams

Ava Williams

Lucas Yeltatzie

Cassidy Yeomans



Jaylund Russ



Suu Kinda Justin Young with Honors

Jamie-Lee Cyr

Dakota Edenshaw-Russ

Eric Glendale

Chavonne Guthrie

Kimmi McRae-Mills

Taan Morrison

Holly White

Sonia Skelton


Arbutus Collison

Charlene Edgars

Aileen Hans

Tanisha Pollard

Lois Russ

Danny Stewart

Kyle Therrien



Kristy Alsop – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Arrielle Brown – Liberal Arts Diploma

Hannah Brown – Esthetician Certificate

Fallon Crosby – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Jenny Cross – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Alfred Davidson III – Fine Arts Certificate

Alfred Davidson IV- Fine Arts Diploma

Nikita Efimoff – Dental Hygenist Diploma

Patti Gayle Gladstone – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Melody Gravelle – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Staas Guujaaw – Certificate of Welding Foundations

Mayumi Jones – Child and Youth Worker Certificate with Honors

Laura Jormanainen – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Anastasios Malmas – Professional Cook Level 1 Certificate

Emily Manfron – Social Services Diploma

Skye Moldowan – Certificate Health Care Assistant

Joan Moody – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Lucas Pearson – Motorcycle and Marine Technician Certificate

Melinda Pick – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Jordan Pollard – Esthetics Certificate

Cyle Robinson – Professional Cook Level 2

Carla Russ – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Erica Ryan-Gagne – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Danielle Smith – Early Childhood Education

Bianca Swanso n- Social Services Worker Certificate

Cheryl Swanson – Automotive Mechanic Technician

Linda Tollas – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Paula Varnell – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida

Sandra Williams – Certificate in First Nations Language: Haida



Rhea Bell – Bachelor of Fine Arts

Cassandra Cross – Associate of Arts Degree

Candace-Rose Gagnon – Degree in Broadcast Journalism

Victoria Grosse – Bachelor of Criminology and First Nations Studies

David Madeley – Bachelor of Business Administration

Stephanie Pennier – Bachelor of Arts, General Studies and Chemical Addiction

Kathleen Pick – Bachelor of Arts: Criminology

Sienna Richardson -Isberg- Bachelor of Commerce

Caitlin Smith – Bachelor of Science in Biology

Marlaina Wall – Bachelor of Business Administration

Hasia White – International Studies and Geography



Lucille Bell – Masters in Indigenous Language Revitalization

Corey Brown – Masters in Civil Engineering

Tammy Gates – Masters in Education, Special Education


** Still to be added: Chief Matthews (Grade 5) Graduates


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