L-R Back: Kuun Jaad (Adeana Young),  Yhaal Xyaalaas (Curtis Brown), SG_aana G_aahlandaay (Alix Goetzinger), Gidin Jaad (Erica Ryan-Gagne), StllnG_a (Tyler York), Guud Yuwans (Willie Russ), Leo Gagnon L-R Front: _Todi’s Daughter_, Marika Gladstone, GwaaG_anad, Xiila, SG_aamsgid (Harold “Doot” Williams), Sheri Dick, Russel Davis


A crew of new actors gathered at Tll.aal to learn which parts they will be playing in Haida Gwaii’s upcoming full-length feature film on Sunday November 6th. Production managers Gid Uuwans Dana Moraes and Patricia Moore distributed parts and contracts to 19 actors. All parts and lines in the film will be spoken fluently in northern and southern Xaad Kil dialects, so this group has quite a learning curve ahead of them. Over the coming year they will be busy learning to speak their lines and learning a lot about the Haida language. Everything has to be learned and practiced before the late spring of 2017, when film director Helen Haig-Brown and co-director Gwaai Edenshaw are planning a trip to Duu Guusd to shoot the film.

“The selection process has been a long and arduous one, mainly due to the overwhelming interest from talented and keen people,” explained director Helen Haig-Brown. “With difficulty, we narrowed the selection down to our final cast and we congratulate them for their focus and hard work during the audition and call back process.  And those that didn’t make the cut, we really hope you join our team in one of the many other roles within production!”


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