Ahaay.yad taada ga – Ayaad taadang Today is Cold

Rhonda Lee McIsaac with files from Graham Richard

Ahaay.yad taada ga (Xaayda kil)
Ayaad taadang (Xaad kil)
Today is cold.

Snow fall warning in effect today with 10 cm expected, according to Environment Canada. Residents are enouraged to make an emergency plan and get an emergency kit with drinking water, food, medicine, a first aid kit, and a flashlight. PC: CHN/Rhonda Lee McIsaac



Haida Gwaii ties into two separate power grids- the southern grid powers Tll.aal Tlell southward, and the north grid powers communities northward. The southern grid receives 80% of its power from a small hydro plant at SGaay Taw GandlaayMoresby Creek. However, during dry months with light rain, resevoirs dry up and the southern grid gets power from diesel generation in K’il Kun Sandspit. The northern grid relies almost entirely on diesel. Overall, an average of 65% of the Islands’ power comes from fossil fuels every year.

The current taad k’aaxuusda cold snap is testing the limits of power consumption in the southern grid. BC Hydro is asking customers from Tll.aal southward to conserve energy until the colder temperature ends. This freezing weather is expected to last until the weekend.

Alternative means of saving energy will go a long way to beating the cold inside your house and also in your wallet. BC Hydro suggests to turn off any unnecessary items, turn off lights when you leave the room, put on a sweater or snuggle with a blanket instead of turning up the heat, close up drafts around your doors and windows. BC Hydro customers can also use MyHydro to monitor your electricity use and save.

Winter conditions make super conditions for frozen landscape art. Local trails and roadways are snow covered and slippery. Road conditions and visibility may vary across Haida Gwaii. Always practice winter safety and let someone know where you are going and when you can be expected back. PC: CHN/Rhonda Lee McIsaac

If you brave the cold weather outside, remember to;

  • hydrate well because you still sweat, which can lead to chills
  • dress in layers when going out for a walk or to shovel the driveway
  • watch out for frostbite on exposed skin and face
  • put hats and gloves on young children and yourself
  • close your doors tightly and insulate any drafts in your home
  • use your curtains to keep warmth inside
  • have warming foods and drinks throughout the day
  • stay active
  • Check in on Elders and help them to stay safe and warm during this extreme winter chill.

Damxan.na sginda drive carefully
If you’re driving;

  • drive for the road conditions
  • keep your vehicle well-tuned
  • keep your gas tank full
  • keep a shovel, snowbrush, booster cables or CAA card handy
  • give yourself extra time to get to your destination
  • Defrost your windows and always clear the snow off your vehicle
  • Call in to meetings if possible to avoid driving long distances
  • If you have a block heater, you can plug your car in for a few hours prior to using it and your vehicle will warm up as you drive.
  • Idling in your driveway is said to not actually warm up your engine. It does contribute to emissions and air pollution.
  • Stay safe and warm during this taad k’aaxuusda cold snap, Haida Gwaii.

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