ARMCHAIR DIVERS – Exploring SG̲aan K̲inghlas

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By Ricky-Lee Watts

One hundred and eighty kilometres west of Haida Gwaii the Haida Nation is working with partners to explore what lies beneath the waters of Haida territory, including seamounts such as SGaan Kinghlas Supernatural Being Looking Outwards. Rarely explored, this expedition investigates a greater understanding of these ocean depths that people have seldom had the opportunity to experience.

To catch a glimpse of these supernatural beings and some of the creatures that inhabit them, this July 120+ people attended “Seamount Viewing Parties” in HlGaagilda Skidegate, and Gaw Massett hosted by the Haida Nation and its exploration partners. These events were created as a special opportunity for citizens and other Haida Gwaii residents to learn more about the Northeast Pacific Seamount Expedition and the underwater worlds that are being explored.

As people arrived at each event, there was an opportunity to enjoy some delicious food before settling in to listen to representatives from the Haida Nation and Ocean Networks Canada. These speakers detailed the significance of the expedition and contributed to a lively discussion with the crowd. Further amplifying the excitement of these events was the exclusive live-stream connection with people on the ship, including CHN Junior Marine Biologist, Jaasaljuus (JJ) Yakgujanaas!

To continue learning more about the expedition, and to follow JJ’s journey aboard the Nautilus watch the live dives and follow the CHN on our Facebook page.


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