Haida Language

Haida Gwaii Mentor Apprentice Program

January 10, 2020 info@haidanation.com 1

Rhonda Lee McIsaac The Haida Gwaii Mentor Apprentice Program hosted its third annual winter dinner in December 2019 at the HlGaagilda Skidegate Community Hall to celebrate, honour, and lift up Haida language teachers and learners […]

Haida Language

Sharing, Learning and Laughing in Xaad kil

November 8, 2019 info@haidanation.com 0

Graham Richard August 13-17, the Rediscovery Camp at T’aalan Stl’ang Lepas Bay hosted 39 participants including Elders, students, teachers, learners, babies, mentors, and apprentices of the Haida language. Rediscovery Camps started at T’aalan Stl’ang on […]

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