April 27, 2017 info@haidanation.com 0

The crews aboard the Haida Spirit and Haida Guardian finished surveying for sGung.ga signs of spawn as K’aawdang Kung Herring Row on Kelp Moon or April entered its third quarter. With a month of soundings, […]


Lest we forget: Why we are in court

September 25, 2015 info@haidanation.com 1

The road has been long, since early 2006, when the proposed Enbridge pipeline project entered the public conversation. Following that announcement the Haida nation has been vocal and engaged in stopping the project, the latest engagement being the hearing […]


Hand made & heart felt

September 24, 2015 info@haidanation.com 0

Signs tell stories and the signs posted throughout the Islands condemning the proposed Enbridge pipeline project stand with special significance in our communities. They are a reminder to ourselves of the firm position held by […]


A splash of humour

September 22, 2015 info@haidanation.com 0

Elder and fluent Xaayda Kil speaker Sgaana Jaads K’yaa Ga Xiigans (Golie Hans) gave five youth the chance to paddle with her on a five-day kayaking trip throughout Xaana Kaahlii Gawgaay Skidegate Inlet. “To have […]

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