Catering Opportunity

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Catering Opportunity

The Council of the Haida Nation is currently accepting four catering bids for 250 people from the Gaw Tlageé Old Massett and/or HlGaagilda Skidegate region for the upcoming GAAYHLLXID / GÍIHLAGALGANG “Rising Tide” Haida Title Lands Agreement Celebration on Friday, July 5th 2024 at the Kwiiyaans Community Hall in Gaw Tlageé Old Massett.

The rate for CHN catering is $35 per plate. CHN is looking for dinner. Included in the catering is soup, a main meal, side dish, dessert and serving utensils.

Please submit your name, number and proposed menu via email to with “Catering” in the subject line or phone the front desk with your menu: 250-559-4468

Deadline for submissions:

12:00 pm on Thursday, June 13th 2023

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