Xaayda ‘Waadluxan K’wii Haida Citizenship Program

The Xaayda ‘Waadluxan K’wii Haida Citizenship Act was adopted on May 31, 2017 at the Special House of Assembly. The program has been in development for many years with early discussions going back as far as 1974.

As part of the program development, the next phase is to build a database of citizens by registering all Haida from around the world. Upon registration, you will receive a certificate of Haida citizenship, and in the future, cards will be issued as official identification. We are also working to integrate the card into other Haida Nation programs and services, including Right to Access and elections.

To verify citizenship throughout the registration process, the Xaayda ‘Waadluxan K’wii Haida Citizenship Act uses clan trees that have been produced by each clan of the Nation. There are currently 25 clans of Eagles and Ravens, 33 clan trees, and the trees are updated regularly as the Nation evolves. Most citizens are already listed on their clan trees, but if you, your children or a relative are not, please contact Citizenship Coordinator Delavina Lawrence at the email or phone number below.

If you need more information, please email at:, or phone the G̱aw office at 250.626.5252.



STEP 1 – Download FORM A and FORM B.

STEP 2 – Fill out FORM A.

STEP 3 – Photograph or make a copy of your identification (driver’s license, status card, passport) or fill out FORM B.

Step 4 – Submit both FORMS to the address on FORM A.

Download FORM A here

Download FORM B here

If you need more information, or would like a copy of the act, please email: <>