Under the direction of the Head Electoral Officer, the above Schedule B1 NOTICE OF BY-ELECTION form was reposted January 8, 2020 to reflect the actual nomination period, January 6 – January 18, 2020.

The Council of the Haida Nation adopted a new CHN Election Act at the 2017 Annual House of Assembly, which includes updates to the way eligible citizens are nominated for office in the CHN elections.

For a complete understanding the Nomination process and Candidate eligibility requirements, please review Part 5 – Candidates of the CHN Election Act which is available at CHN offices and www.haidanation.ca AND directly from the Head Electoral Officer.

Key info:

  • In order to be nominated, a candidate must submit the appropriate schedule – Nomination Form to the Head Electoral Officer during the nomination period.
  • Nominations may be submitted to the Head Electoral Officer in person, by e-mail, or by facsimile.
  • It is solely the candidate’s responsibility to ensure the Head Electoral Officer has received the nomination prior to the close of the nomination period.

All Haida Citizens are encouraged to review the new Election Act and familiarize themselves with CHN election rules and processes, and the CHN Policy Department is available to help with any questions or concerns.

This package includes everything you need to make a Nomination(s):

Candidates require two nominators, and all Haida Citizens of voting age (16+) are eligible to nominate or accept a nomination to be a candidate.

Nomination Forms for Regional Representatives are available electronically and in person at the CHN offices in G̱aw and HlG̱aagilda, by request from the CHN Head Electoral Officer or Regional Electoral Officers, above.

Completed nomination forms can be submitted by hand, mail, fax, or email to the CHN Head Electoral Officer:

Kim Gladstone
(250) 637-1273

CHN HlG̱aagilda Skidegate Office
#1 Reservoir Rd., HlG̱aagilda Skidegate
PO Box 98, Queen Charlotte V0T 1S0
p. 1.877.559.4468 or 250.559.4468
f. 250.559.8951

Any other questions or concerns can be directed to the Head Electoral Officer at the contact info above.