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Rhonda Lee McIsaac 

The Gaw Youth Centre is full of energy as Saandlanee Xuhl Courtney Bell reviews the upcoming June calendar. As the Youth Coordinator, providing stimulating programming for youth drives Saandlanee Xuhl to work smarter. 

“I am very excited to get to know the grounds of the youth center and get programs going for this coming summer” Saandlanee Xuhl says. She is also looking to line up cultural teachings and workshops for fall programming.   

Highlights of summer programming include Girls Group every Wednesday for those 9-12 years old. They often do a craft and cook a meal or dessert together. It can get very gregarious and that’s all good with Saandlanee Xuhl.  

Juniors can attend the CHANGE Program, every Tuesday and Friday. The CHANGE Program provides clinics with the tools they need to get people moving and motivated. This reduces high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, along with the need to medicate these health challenges. 

Saandlanee Xuhl’s experience in the classroom and at reception at Chief Matthews School confirmed her desire to work with children. “Now having this opportunity, I want to continue the afterschool programs and girls group throughout the year” she says. 

Contact the Gaw Youth Centre at 250-626-3573.  To get the calendar, email youth@haidahealth.ca. 


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