The draft Gina ‘Waadlux̲an KilG̲uhlG̲a (Talking About Everything) Land-Sea-People Management Plan is available for review! The comment period for this plan will run until July 15, 2018 and the plan can be download at: < >.

You can comment on the plan at either CHN office where there is a drop box and comment card, or you can go online to: We’d like to hear from you!

To make hard copy comments to the CHN:
Box 98, Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii V0T 1S0
Email us at < > or, call 250.559.4468

Stop by the G̲aw or HlG̲aagilda office for a paper copy.

To make hard copy comments to the AMB:
Gwaii Haanas, Attn: Christine Pansino
PO Box 37, Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii V0T 1S0.
Email < > or, call 250.559.8818

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Freda Davis · July 19, 2018 at 10:56 am

This is something that should of went door to door. Not everyone has internet and some don’t venture out of their homes to even know that something like this is out for public input. I had no idea until it was forwarded to me.

My personal opinion is that anything for public input should go door to door.

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