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PC: Ileah Mattice

Linnaea Fyles 

The All-Islands Protocol Table was formed after agreements were ratified between the Haida Nation and each of the municipalities and regional districts from 2004-2008.  

The Protocol Agreements are all available on the Haida Nation website under Documents and Agreements. 

The Agreements speak to reconciling Haida title and the Crown’s assertion of title on Haida Gwaii, and a shared commitment to developing an All-Island governance model. They also recognize and affirm the hereditary responsibilities of Haida citizens and the need for place-based, and collaborative partnership for all who call these Islands home 

ARTICLE 2.2: It is our intention to work together in common cause for the benefit and betterment of the Island Community.  

Soon after signing, the All-Islands Protocol Table – with representatives from the Council of the Haida Nation, Village Councils, municipalities and regional districts – committed to meeting regularly to discuss the big issues facing the Islands. At this table they shared community-specific and collective achievements and challenges. In creating this table, all levels of Island government developed a shared vision and commitment to leading in a way that balances economics, environment, people and place.  

Haida Gwaii responds to COVID-19 

Since March 17, the Protocol Table has been meeting at least once per week to develop an Island-wide, coordinated response to COVID-19. Guided by the respective communities and local health care practitioners, the Island Protocol Table has realigned with a shared purpose: the well-being of Haida Gwaii and all who live here 

Many of these recent meetings have included representatives from the North and Central Coasts, and together, the “United Coast” has called on the provincial government to work collaboratively with rural and remote communities to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. 

 A new Leadership Table is struck 

After several invitations, BC Ministers agreed to meet with the United Coast Leadership in mid-May, and from there, the various levels of government agreed to participate in a “Leadership Table.” With representatives from Haida Gwaii, and the North and Central Coast, alongside deputy ministers from BC, this collaborative table is committed to finding solutions that work for rural, remote and Indigenous communities. Topics to date have included culturally sensitive contact tracing, and information sharing specific to each region. 

Though the last few months have been demanding, stressful and harrowing at times, one profoundly positive outcome are the strong relationships that have formed across our United Coast. Our communities and leadership have come together in a unique way, overcoming political boundaries to share knowledge and resources, and support each other to make the best decisions for the people of Haida Gwaii in these difficult times.  

Over the coming months the All-Islands Protocol Table will be providing updates and sharing information online. When it is safe to meet again in person, there will be public meetings for discussion and input. 

With support from Gwaii Trust, the All-Islands Protocol Table recently hired an executive assistant, Linnaea Fyles, a Daajing Giids resident, to support the table. Over the next few months, she is supporting Island leaders ongoing COVID-19 response and will soon start to focus on supporting other Island-wide initiatives, such as energy independence.

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Harold White · June 13, 2020 at 11:41 am

It is all positive.

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