Haida Fisheries Guardians uphold the Haida Nation’s commitment to healthy marine ecosystems by gathering information about fishing. Data gathered by Guardians protects Haida Gwaii’s inhabitants from overfishing and informs future generations about current marine conditions. Guardians protect ecosystem health by monitoring diseases, populations, overfishing, and poaching.

  • Guardians are trained in conservation to the same levels as DFO Officers.
  • Guardians are highly experienced Pacific Coast fishers with deep knowledge of Haida Gwaii’s fisheries.
  • Guardians must all clear background and security checks.


  • Guardians patrol with DFO to watch fisheries through in-person interviews, counting stocks, and watching environments. Guardians give CHN and DFO collected information.
  • CHN uses information to report on recreational harvesting, commercial salmon, commercial invertebrates, razor clams, commercial herring, Haida river and ocean netting, trawling, and fisheries habitat.
  • Guardians enforce laws through DFO. Guardians cannot use physical contact to detain anyone, use force, search, arrest, or seize vehicles or vessels outside of manually written agreement between DFO and CHN.
  • Guardians respond to emergency situations when necessary and make Haida Gwaii’s roads and waterways safer