GuuhlGa Siiwaay Spirit Lake Trail

K’alaaga Jaad Jana Mcleod

This article is in Xaayda kil.

After some understandable delays, it was time to celebrate! The snow blizzard and rain squalls didn’t dampen the spirits of those gathered for the unveiling of GuulhGa Siiwaay Spirit Lake trail on Saturday, March 19.

The last time I was on the trail there were contestants of “The Amazing Race Canada” running around and solving puzzles, so it’s been a while. I was looking forward to the outing.

The crush rock, new signage and boardwalks certainly spruced it up in there. Its like entering a different world where you can forget the stresses of everyday life. The lush surroundings can carry you to a time where things seemed much simpler. Where ts’uu red cedar, ts’aagul ferns and xil medicines are safe and untouchable. Each and every thing in the forest serves an important purpose. All parts of the plants are used for very specific function. I had no clue of the history of the foliage I was looking at, this is where the magic began.

Gaajiiaawa Linda Tollas is an extraordinary wealth of information. Her humour and knowledge made for a wonderful learning experience. The stories about the ingenuity of the Haida were so interesting, I could have listened to her for hours.

She spoke of finding glaayingwal licorice root for an elder who had a sore throat and k’inxan moss used to strain sap. I feel like I could do about ten more walks with her and find out something new each time. The actual trail was so serene and breathtaking, literally! A guide along made for some nice breaks though.

Gaajiiaawas’ has such enthusiasm to share what she knows. What a treasure trove of loveliness she is. Everyone was so appreciative of her experiences, and light.

Hala ga taa Come and eat! Seraphine braved the inclement weather to serve up hamburgers, smokies, and drinks. We huddled under the cover outside the trail, ate visited and waited for the prizes to be drawn.

Do yourself a favour and search up “Spirit Lake Trail” on Facebook. There’re some fantastic memories, from funny to very touching on the social platform.

Getting out for some much-needed fresh air and exercise was very rewarding. Hawaa to all who made this day possible. Was worth the gas to take part in such a fantastic day.

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