Haida Gwaii Pledge

All visitors who come to Haida Gwaii are asked to sign the Haida Gwaii Pledge – <www.haidagwaiipledge.ca>. 

The Haida Gwaii Visitor Orientation is an extension of the Haida Gwaii Pledge. This orientation is intended for any and all visitors to our Islands, and to assist in learning about our people and ways of life. Please take this orientation before you travel to Haida Gwaii to understand how you can help take care of our air, ocean, lands and people. 

Through guidance and resolutions from Haida citizens at the 2018 House of Assembly, the Haida Nation has implemented the Haida Gwaii Stewardship Fund. We request that all visitors donate 1% of their total travel costs to support stewardship activities on Haida Gwaii related to tourism.