Haida Place Names

Place Name Restoration

About the map:
The interactive StoryMap announcement below shows the locations of the restored Haida Place Names, you can click on the top left of the map to expand to view all the locations. Click on the pins to view the name and a photo. Scroll past the map and you will see the 12 audio files individually. Starting with Xaad kíl northern place names, and then Xaayda kil southern place names. Click on the play button to listen.

Language Note:
Blue coloured text is Xaad kíl and Green coloured text is Xaayda kil.

Photo Credit:
Gwaii Haanas © Andrew S. Wright


Link to CHN Announcement:
Giving Back Names | January 7, 2022

Downloadable PDF of CHN announcement:
20220107 Place Names Announcement FINAL20220107 Place Names Announcement FINAL


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