High Art and Dashing Good Looks

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‘Jidid’ by Kuuya (Michael Moody)

Graham Richard-

One-hundred best-dressed collectors competed at the 4th Annual Haida Gwaii Museum Gala fundraiser on September 30. Excitement built as donors anticipated bidding for their favourites of the 43 artworks arrayed around Naagudgiikyaagangs Skidegate Community Hall in HlGaagilda Skidegate. This year loyal veterans contributed again, and some new up-and-coming artists auctioned their works for the first time. Local collectors made the most of this terrific opportunity to keep a few works from Haida Gwaii’s wonderful artists at home. Generous patrons sent artists home with about $5,000. Everyone enjoyed door prizes, delicious catering, and dashing good looks throughout the evening. A fundraiser dance followed the affair.

‘Aquatic Ambience’ by K̲’ayjuu Xaayas (Raven Pearson)

‘Mouse’s House’ by SG̲idG̲ang.Xaal (Shoshannah Greene)

‘Northern Lights Over Sleeping Beauty’ by Carrie Newman

‘In the Sacred Evening’ by Siobhan Humston

‘Dogfish’ by SG̲idG̲ang.Xaal (Shoshannah Greene)

‘Mouse’ by Alex Rinfret


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