IINANG (Herring): UPDATE 3

Photo: Joseph Botten

Last week Queens Reach completed iinang herring surveys of Duu Guusd the west coast of Haida Gwaii, returning to the east coast via Daa’ulgaay Skidegate Narrows on March 24. Crews aboard the seiner continue watching the waters around SGwaay Kun Gwaay.yay Burnaby Island and tests will continue from GawGajaang Louscoone Inlet to Tlln Suu Selwyn until the charter ends on April 2.

This week another charter aboard Haida Guardian and Victoria Rose will begin looking for sGung.ga signs of spawn from Suu Kaahlii Skincuttle to Tlln Suu Selwyn Inlet. Later, divers aboard Haida Spirit will survey k’aaw herring roe once iinang begin spawning. Crews aboard Atlas will start surface surveys for spawn along the shores of Duu Guusd, March 31.

Soundings show an estimated total of 10,750 tons of iinang schooling along the east coast, with 8500 of those schooling from Gwaay GudgiiGaagid Kat Island to Gwaay Ts’iisii Park Island. Along Duu Guusd charter crews estimated that 5750 tons are schooling with 3500 of those in and around Kayy Kaahlii Port Louis. Crews also spotted iinang starting to spawn around GawGajaang.

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