IINANG (Herring): UPDATE 4


Photo: Greg Schechter

FV Queens Reach finished sounding for iinang and left Haida Gwaii waters April 2, leaving reconnaissance crews aboard the Haida Guardian anchored at K’iid Xyangs K’iidaay Dolomite Narrows and dive crews aboard Haida Spirit at Daajing Giids Queen Charlotte City. Haida Fisheries will conduct further surveys once iinang finish spawning.

Crews travelling along Duu Guusd the west coast of Haida Gwaii aboard FV Atlas saw no sGung.ga signs of spawn since they arrived at Kayy Kaahlii Port Louis late last week. Atlas’ charter is now complete and the vessel will depart Haida Gwaii this evening. Still, soundings detected an estimated 2000 tons of Giigang herring schools in Ahluu Kaahlii Port Chanal over the weekend. Atlas’ charter ends April 5, and may not detect any sGung.ga due to poor weather and a late season.

Along the east coast of Gwaii Haanas soundings detected an estimated maximum of 11,800 tons of Giigang, with 8,500 tons at Burnaby Strait. Along Duu Guusd soundings revealed an estimated maximum of 7,750 tons, with 3,500 of those around Port Louis.

Iinang began spawning along the northeast shore of GawGajaang Louscoone Inlet as HlgidGung K’ah Kung Laughing Geese Moon or March began to wane. Iinang have since proceeded from SGwaay Kun Scudder Point along the northern shore of SGwaay Kun Gwaay.yaay and into GaysiiGas K’iidsii Burnaby Strait and Suu Kaahlii Skincuttle Inlet.

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