IINANG (Herring) Update 5

Photo: Boris Mann
Photo: Boris Mann

Haida Guardian continues to search for SGung.ga signs of spawn along the shoreline from GawGa ‘Yuudal Haswell Bay to Suu Kaahlii Skincuttle Inlet. Altogether Haida Guardians have identified SGung.ga along 29.4km of shoreline at Suu Kaahlii, GawGajaang Louscoone Inlet, GaysiiGas K’iidsii Burnaby Strait and Gandaawuu.ngaay Xyangs Juan Perez Sound.

Haida Spirit remains anchored in GaysiiGas K’iidsii GawGa Section Cove. Dive crews aboard the vessel started surveying SGung.ga along GaysiiGas K’iidsii ChiiXwaay GudGagids the northwest coastline of Burnaby Island on Friday.

Soundings conducted earlier during HlgidGung K’ah Kung Laughing Geese Moon or March detected an estimated maximum of 11,800 tons of Giigang schools of herring along the east coast of Gwaii Haanas. A further estimated 7,750 tons of Giigang were detected along Duu Guusd the west coast of Haida Gwaii.

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