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The crews aboard the Haida Spirit and Haida Guardian finished surveying for sGung.ga signs of spawn as K’aawdang Kung Herring Row on Kelp Moon or April entered its third quarter. With a month of soundings, dives, and observations complete the vessels returned from Gwaii Haanas on April 24 and 25 respectively.

Altogether crews observed sGung.ga spread over 42.6 kilometres of shoreline in Gwaii Haanas. Along the shores of Duu Guusd the west coast of Haida Gwaii those aboard FV Atlas saw no sGung.ga due to poor weather and a late season.

Along the east coast of Gwaii Haanas soundings detected an estimated maximum of 11,800 tons of Giigang herring schools, with 8,500 tons at GaysiiGas K’iidsii Burnaby Strait. Along Duu Guusd soundings revealed an estimated maximum of 7,750 tons, with 3,500 of those around Kayy K_aahlii Port Louis.

Iinang herring are now moving north, spawning as they go along.

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