European Green Crab Response Project Coordinator – Contract Opportunity

Council of the Haida Nation

The Council of the Haida Nation (CHN) with support of the Secretariat of the Haida Nation (SHN) is engaged in implementation of integrated marine plans for the waters around Haida Gwaii, including the Marine Plan Partnership for the North Pacific Coast (MaPP).  The Marine Planning Program (MPP) provides technical support to these processes as required.

As part of the Haida Gwaii Marine Plan, the CHN and the Province of BC have committed to the monitoring of marine invasive species and engaging in management actions including the prevention, early detection, response, and control of marine invasive species.  In July of 2020, European green crabs (EGC) were first detected in Haida Gwaii.  This crab species is considered one of the most destructive invasive species in the world, in other locations that it has invaded it is known to destroy eelgrass meadows, decimate prey populations, and out-compete other species. 

After the early detection of EGC in Haida Gwaii, a technical working group comprised of the CHN, BC, Gwaii Haanas, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) began some initial monitoring of EGC in Haida Gwaii.  The objective of this work is to understand the current extent of the EGC invasion and to develop and implement management measures to mitigate its impacts. To further this goal, the CHN has secured three years of funding from the DFO’s British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund (BCSRIF).

The European Green Crab Monitoring and Response Project Coordinator is a 3-year full-time or near full-time contract. This Project Coordinator will be part of the Marine Planning Program and will report to the Marine Planning Program Manager.

The European Green Crab Monitoring and Response Project Coordinator will:

  • Be located in Haida Gwaii to effectively organize people and keep track of EGC monitoring and response projects
  • Assemble and manage a strong team of people (including field technicians, scientists, and public outreach officers, volunteers, and instructors to train field technicians and volunteers) that will:
  • Conduct trapping throughout Haida Gwaii to map the geographic extent of the EGC invasion and its overlap with important salmon habitat and Haida cultural and traditional use area
  • Monitor key ecological attributes at selected sites to identify the impacts of EGC on native ecosystems
  • Identify key sites for population control and conduct intensive trapping at these sites to suppress EGC populations
  • Assess effectiveness of population control measures and develop strategies to protect priority sites
  • Develop and implement a community engagement and training program to increase capacity and empower Haida Gwaii communities to respond to EGC.
  • Produce annual reports on the monitoring and response project, including annual reporting required by BCSRIF.
  • Organize team meetings, oversee the work of the EGC trapping teams and manage a three-year monitoring and response project of approximately $830,000.
  • Organize Technical Working Group meetings that will provide direction and advice for the monitoring and response.
  • Work closely with the Marine Planning Program staff, providing regular updates and consulting with the MPP staff as needed.
  • Work closely with managers and staff from other departments who are also involved in EGC response, including the Haida Fisheries Program, Gwaii Haanas, and DFO.
  • Ensure that all appropriate safety plans and permits are in place for the project.
  • Scientific and technical support will be provided by the Marine Planning Program staff


  • A Bachelor’s degree, Associates degree or Diploma in Environmental Science, Resource Management, Geography, Marine Biology, Oceanography, or other relevant field with a minimum of two years of related experience or an equivalent amount of post-secondary education and experience.
  • Experience with project management for large, multi-year projects.
  • Good interpersonal skills and experience managing a diverse team of people
  • Experience with the use of Traditional and Local Ecological Knowledge in a natural resource management context considered an asset.
  • Experience working with invasive species projects will be an asset
  • Knowledge of the marine ecology around Haida Gwaii will be an asset.

Please submit your cover letter and resume (with the position name in the subject line) to:

p. 250.626.5252

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: June 21, 2021 at 4:30pm.


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