Newly Elected Representatives Make Oaths of Office

Top: Ḵaad Giidee Robert Bennett, Lawrence Jones, Nang Ḵaadlljuus President of the Haida Nation Gaagwiis Jason Alsop, Nang Ḵaadlljuus Sding Vice-President of the Haida Nation Ginnwadluu un uula isdaa ayaagang Trevor Russ, Ḵung Xaangajee Shawn Cowpar, Xuux Percy Crosby. Middle: Guun’aay David Parnell, Gidadguudslilyas Kim Goetzinger,  Jutkenjus Laverne Hamilton, Stephen “Buck” Grosse. Bottom: Tarah Samuels, Ḵii’iljuus Barbara Wilson, Kaakuns Pansy Collison, Alfred Setso

Yesterday friends and relatives came together to witness ceremonies for the new representatives of the Council of the Haida Nation, elected and acclaimed 2 and 17 December.

Ceremonies at Howard Phillips Hall in Gaw Massett opened with a welcome from Halaa’ Leeyga May Russ and prayers from Xuhlyang Rev. Lily Bell and GwaaGanad Diane Brown. Outgoing President of the Haida Nation kil tlaats’ gaa Peter Lantin addressed the crowd as his tenure came to a close, followed by President-Elect Gaagwiis Jason Alsop as he prepared to take his oath of office.

Elected representatives took their oaths, and Xaahuujuuwaay Cody Wilson helped President of the Haida Nation Gaagwiis Jason Alsop don the president’s blanket. As their first act in their new positions, elected representatives danced and sang led by SGaalanglaay Vernon Williams and Gudee Gud Dlaay.ya Vince Collison.

After introductions everyone ate together. The new elected representatives are now in training for their three-year tenure.

The newly elected council includes:

Nang Kaadlljuus President of the Haida Nation Gaagwiis Jason Alsop

Nang Kaadlljuus Sding Vice-President of the Haida Nation Ginn wadluu un uula isdaa ayaagang Trevor Russ

Elected Representatives for Gaw

Kaad Giidee Robert Bennett, Stephen “Buck” Grosse, Lawrence Jones, Alfred Setso

Elected Representatives for HlGaagilda

Kung Xaangajee Shawn Cowpar, Xuux Percy Crosby, Gidadguudslilyas Kim Goetzinger, Ḵii’iljuus Barbara Wilson

Elected Representatives for T’agwan

Jutkenjus Laverne Hamilton, Tarah Samuels

Elected Representatives for Kxeen

Kaakuns Pansy Collison, Guun’aay David Parnell

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