ALL-ISLAND BULLETIN: February 26, 2021

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February 26, 2021




With increasing case numbers in Island communities, we remind all residents to continue laying low until the extent of the current cluster(s) is known. Respecting the Haida Gwaii State of Emergency and public health measures is more important than ever. The essential measures remain the same:

  • Keep your circle small – interactions with anyone outside your immediate household are not permitted; gatherings are not permitted.
  • Practice good hygiene measures, safe masking and physical distancing.
  • Restrict errands to what is essential; limit movement between communities.

At this time, we encourage all citizens and residents to make safe choices for themselves and their families. This might include working from home or reducing the number of trips your household makes for essential errands such as grocery shopping. We remind residents that getting outdoors and accessing regular medical care are encouraged.

Most schools on Haida Gwaii remain open and continue to adapt safety plans to reflect the active cases in local communities. We encourage parents to do what is right for the health and well-being of their family and loved ones. Every household is different and everyone should decide what is required for their home.

If you have any sign of illness, however mild, self-isolate from other members of your household and the community and seek testing for COVID-19 immediately.

  • Phone Northern Health’s Online Clinic: 1.844.645.7811

You can also call the CDC nurses in HlGaagilda Skidegate and Gaw Tlagee Old Massett:

  • Shauna Smith, CDC OMVC: 250-626-3911 or 250-922-4488
  • Heather Barnes, CDC Skidegate: 250-559-4610 or 778-361-0182


We acknowledge the respectful acts of all who have come forward and the hard work of those who continue to keep our Island communities safe.

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