Essential Work Permits

May 2, 2020
Updated: November 24, 2020


The Council of the Haida Nation must receive all proposals for essential work on Haida Gwaii during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you are delivering or overseeing essential work on Haida Gwaii at this time, contact us to request a permit before off-Island crews arrive. Applications will be vetted to ensure compliance with the Haida Nation state of emergency and prevention measures in place.

All essential workers traveling to Haida Gwaii are required to follow the emergency measures from Council of the Haida Nation and the BC Ministry of Health. In alignment with BC’s current recommendations, non-resident travel to reunite with family and friends is not permitted at this time. 


Please note: 

  • Each essential worker must submit an individual permit application (one permit per applicant) and an application cannot be made on someone else’s behalf, unless the applicant is a minor.  
  • Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.  
  • Not receiving a response to the application DOES NOT mean that the application has been approved.

  1. The applicant may request an essential work permit by downloading and filling out the form at the bottom of this page and providing supporting documentation (Work Safe Procedure and Community Safe Plan).  
  2. The applicant must provide the name and signature of a local voucher who accepts responsibility for the essential worker.
  3. Permits will be reviewed by CHN and at Unified Command with relevant communities.
  4. The completed permit application package must then be submitted to the CHN Essential Work team ( 
  5. If the permit is approved, the CHN will contact the applicant and notify Haida Nation checkpoint teams.
  6. The essential worker will collect a vehicle dash card and a permit for the essential worker to keep on hand at the checkpoint, upon arrival.  
  7. Dash cards must be returned upon the essential worker’s departure from Haida Gwaii.

Workers should be involved in developing the Safe Work and Safe Community Plans. These plans and processes have been put in place to protect the health and well-being of Island residents and valued workers who come to provide essential services on Haida Gwaii.

Essential service workers need to self-isolate and/or follow requirements according to Work Permits issued, follow physical distancing measures and hygiene guidelines during isolation and after. Please review up-to-date safety measures for Haida Gwaii at <> 


*If the form is not downloading try another web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari


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