Gina ‘Waadlux̲an KilG̲ulhG̲a Management Plan

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Gina ‘Waadlux̲an KilG̲ulhG̲a Management Plan was completed and presented to the public at Kay Llnagaay November 16thth, 2018.

You can read the full press release here: LSP Press Release Nov 19th, 2018

‘Gina ’Waadluxan KilGuhlGa means “talking about everything”. The plan sets direction for the Archipelago Management Board (AMB) to manage Gwaii Haanas from mountaintop to seafloor as a single, interconnected ecosystem. It outlines a shared vision for the future, includes guiding principles based on Haida cultural values, describes the AMB’s goals and objectives for the next ten years, and provides zoning for the land and sea.’

‘The Land-Sea-People plan provides a blueprint for responsible and respectful stewardship that will ensure the continuity of Haida culture and protect the natural heritage of Gwaii Haanas for future generations. We are grateful for the hard work, cooperative spirit and continued commitment of everyone involved. Haawa (thank you) and congratulations to all!’

Gina ‘Waadlux̲an KilG̲ulhG̲a Management Plan
Gina ‘Waadlux̲an KilG̲ulhG̲a Management Plan


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