Haida Nation endorses PNCIMA Plan

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Haida Nation endorses PNCIMA Plan

Today, eleven First Nations – including the Haida Nation – and the federal and provincial governments announced the approval of the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA) Plan. The plan establishes an ecosystem-based management framework and strategic marine planning goals, objectives and strategies for the region, which stretches from the Alaska border to northern Vancouver Island and as far west as the base of the continental shelf.

The plan was prepared for final approval by the Council of the Haida Nation in December 2013. However, political circumstances related to the Haida Gwaii Pacific ’iinang/iinang herring fishery delayed Haida support for the signing of the PNCIMA Plan until now.

The Haida Nation’s interest in signing the PNCIMA Plan was revived by recent developments, including the election of a new federal government in October 2015, the completion and ongoing implementation of the Haida Gwaii Marine Plan (2015), and the Haida Nation’s participation in the Marine Protected Area network planning process for the Northern Shelf Bioregion, which shares the same area as PNCIMA.

“The political situation has changed significantly over the past three years,” said kil tlaats ‘gaa Peter Lantin President of the Haida Nation. “Our endorsement of the PNCIMA Plan indicates our ongoing commitment to work with a Crown that is proactive and serious about resolving issues. Working together on priority actions in the PNCIMA Plan is a good step in that direction.”

The PNCIMA Plan identifies priority actions for implementation that align with Marine Plan objectives and strategies, including the promotion of sustainable marine economic development opportunities, Marine Protected Area network planning for the Northern Shelf Bioregion, minimizing potential impacts of marine vessel traffic, and ongoing monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of PNCIMA Plan implementation.

The PNCIMA Plan is a framework for Ecosystem-based Management that is consistent with and reinforces management direction regarding collaborative governance, marine ecosystem health, and human wellbeing, as outlined in the Haida Gwaii Marine Plan.



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