NOTICE OF ROAD CLOSURE: Bonanza FSR Road Closure at 5.3 km in Rennell Sound

Please be advised, the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development will be replacing 2 bridge decks on the Bonanza Forest Service Road (FSR) which will intermittently close the road to all vehicular traffic. Works are scheduled to commence Thursday – June 07, 2018. Anticipated completion is prior to Friday – June 22, 2018, subject to weather conditions. The bridge at 5.3 km (past log sort) on the Bonanza FSR, will be completed first, followed by the Gregory Creek bridge at 8 km. See map below. Email notification to this recipient list will follow upon completion of works.

Should you require access please contact the on-site contractor to coordinate access timing. However, it is strongly advised not to expect access during this period. Please plan accordingly.

This temporary road closure will limit vehicular access to:
· Gregory Beach
· Bonanza Beach
· Cone Head Recreation Site / Campground
· Hangover Creek

Feel free to distribute this information to others who may be impacted or contact Front Counter Haida Gwaii at 250-559-6200 ( if you have any questions or concerns.

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