Notice to Public: Connected Coast Submarine Cables

January 24th, 2023

IMPORTANT NOTICE for vessel operators in waters surrounding Haida Gwaii.

Connected Coast has been working to bring high-speed internet to rural and remote communities along the BC coast, including Haida Gwaii, through the installation of submarine fibre optic cables.  It is important for vessel operators to note the locations of these cables and avoid activities such as anchoring or bottom-contact fishing in these locations, as this can damage the cables and cause interruption to internet services.

The submarine cables will eventually be identified on the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) charts. Until this happens, mariners are asked to take note of the cable locations, particularly between Tlell and Bonilla Island, and check for updates on CHS charts.

If you suspect contact has occurred with the submarine cables (fishing gear snag, anchor drag, etc.), please email

For more information, please visit

Haawa | Haw’aa for your cooperation in making high speed internet accessible to all.

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