For Immediate Release:

September 26, 2023


In high winds, the tugboat, Tsekoa, broke loose from the Daajing Giids dock and landed on the mudflats north of Robertson Island after 12:00AM on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. As of 2:30PM, fuel has been contained inside the boom. Council of the Haida Nation (CHN) staff and the Canadian Coast Guard Haida Gwaii Marine Environmental and Hazard Response (MEHR) staff were onsite throughout a full tide cycle and observed no further oil sheening as the tide came up.

CHN and MEHR staff observed diesel sheening stranded in the upper intertidal zone on the surface. This will be monitored throughout the next tide cycles to confirm that biodegradation of the sheening occurs.

Council of the Haida Nation and the Canadian Coast Guard have established Unified Command in Skidegate and are working with contractors on plans to remove the vessel from the marine environment as soon as is safely possible.

Unified Command acknowledges this is a highly sensitive area with ecological and cultural values, including a salmon-bearing creek. Response teams are working closely together to mitigate any further impact to the area.

Public safety remains the highest priority.  Unified Command is requesting the public to stay off of the beach while response and recovery efforts continue. Flagging has been placed around the area for public safety.



Council of the Haida Nation                              Canadian Coast Guard Haida Gwaii Marine Environmental and Hazard Response

Ileah Mattice                                                    Alexandra Coutts

Communications Department                            Canadian Coast Guard Communications

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