August 17, 2021  




Xaadáa ‘láaisis • XaaydaGa ‘láa isis Good People, 

The Council of the Haida Nation is excited to announce that we will be continuing the Xaad Kíl Is Gii • Xaayda Kil Is Gii Haida Language Always Is plan. This plan will identify the vision, goals, strategies and initiatives for Haida and Island citizens while taking into consideration the needs of our two language communities Gaw Tlagée Old MassettHlGaagilda Skidegate and a Haida Nation-wide plan which will assist all areas of Haida Gwaii, as well as Kxeen Prince Rupert and T’agwan Vancouver.   


The Secretariat of the Haida Nation was invited to participate in the Pilot Language Revitalization Planning Program in 2020 from the First Peoples Cultural Council. Due to COVID-19 our application was put behind schedule and our workplan had to be amended. SHN organized meetings with our language communities: HlGaagilda Xaayda Kil Naay (SHIP), Xaad Kíl Née, Xaad Kíl Née Advisory Council, and the Haida Gwaii Mentor-Apprenticeship Program.  


Over the next few months, language surveys will be sent out to each community via mail and social media to collect the necessary data that will help us. We will also organize meetings with our language communities to begin planning what our language goals will look like. We look forward to getting this project in motion and supporting the continuation of the Haida Language as much as possible! 

As of late July 2021, SGaana Gaahlandaay Alix Goetzinger has been hired as the Iitl’l Kil • Iitl’ Kíl Our Language Coordinator. She will coordinate and implement language planning initiatives, including working closely with community representatives to build and strengthen collaborative relationships and establish practices for communication and sharing. 

Some initiatives include: 

  • Distributing Haida Language Surveys to the public and collecting data 
  • Creating a Haida Language website that will represent both Xaayda Kil and Xaad Kíl 
  • Continuation and support of the Haida Place Names Project 
  • Distributing the Iitl’l kil hla gyaaging • Íitl’ kíl hl gyáandii Use our Language Pocketbook 
  • Offer support for Haida and Island citizens who want to learn the Haida Language  

For more information, contact SGaana Gaahlandaay at <cl.coordinator@haidanation.com> or at the HlGaagilda office at 250.559.4468.ext 218 

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