Pulling Together

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Haida paddlers bring the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the Haida village of Kay Llnagaay.

With all the excitement of the Royal Tour behind us, the Council of the Haida Nation would like to give a huge haawa to the following people and organizations who made the visit so successful:

The Hereditary leaders of Haida Gwaii for providing direction on how to host the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation staff for putting its high octane energy into the coordination of this showcase event.

The Haida Heritage Centre and Saahlinda Naay (the Haida Gwaii Museum) staff who began coordinating a showcase event before anyone even knew who the visitors would be. Haawa for the countless hours organizing the finer details of the Royal Tour and getting the Haida Heritage Centre and grounds ready for all the guests.

CHN representatives and staff who helped to plan the Royal Tour from the beginning. Haawa for being gracious hosts to the Nation’s invited guests, and handling all duties as assigned from security to serving and so much more.

Gwaii Haanas staff who provided invaluable help wherever it was needed all along the way̱, from providing the hours and resources for the security team, to ushers who helped to keep our Elders comfortable, and so much more.

Skidegate Band Council for helping to host the many visitors who came to Skidegate for the event, for participating in the planning and for communicating with residents.

Skidegate and Queen Charlotte Volunteer Fire Departments who were part of the security planning team, and who helped with road closures and keeping the public safe.

The Village of Queen Charlotte for helping the security planning team, and keeping residents and visitors informed of closures around the event.

The Haida Gwaii district office of the MoFLNRO for providing security assistance and for making the dock at Skidegate Landing safe for the paddlers and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to board the canoe.

The Skidegate Saints for respectfully stating their message about the Haida Nation’s stance on LNG to the world while paddling the Royal couple safely to K_ay Llnagaay.

Arthur Pearson for building the sturdy canoe ramp to help people disembark from the canoe.

Highlander Marine Services and Haida Expeditions for providing the vessels, captains and guides for the Haida youth and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The X_aad Kil and SHIP speakers who blessed the welcome and farewell with prayers.

Gwaliga Hart, Yaahl Aadaa (Cori Savard) and Kuuyas 7waahlal Gidaak (Lisa Hageman) for the beautiful gifts that were commissioned and presented to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Guujaaw, Jisgang (Nika Collison), Kilthguulans (Christian White) and the dancers and singers for their hard work in presenting the songs and dances of Haida Gwaii and for sharing them with the world.

Vi Husband and Marg Parker and helpers for feeding everyone with delicious and nourishing food.

Billy NC Yovanovich who designed the orange t-shirts acknowledging the legacy of residential schools, and the students of Sk’aadgaa Naay Elementary School for presenting them for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The BC Protocol Office and Canada Department of Heritage for supporting the visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Haida Gwaii.

The RCMP for taking a community approach to security and involving local community members in keeping the public safe.

The many volunteers who helped the event run smoothly.

And finally, the residents of Haida Gwaii who respectfully and honourably came out to show the world that Haida Gwaii pulls together for what we love by supporting each other. We all put our paddles into the water at the same time for Haida Gwaii and all that it provides and stands for.



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