Research and Film Applications


PLEASE NOTE: CHN is pausing Research and Film applications until further notice. This does not include, or affect, Haida citizen applications or applications that are in the system and being processed.

All film and researchers conducting work in Haida Territories must have an approved application before starting work in a community or conducting interviews. Information cannot be collected before receiving a file number. 

If your research and/or film will be conducted in Haida Territories, the Council of the Haida Nation is asking research and film makers to sign the Haida Gwaii Pledge and to take the Haida Gwaii Orientation at <>. 

A non-refundable application fee must be paid before your request is processed. Applications are reviewed once per month and can take 6-8 weeks to process. It is recommended that you submit your application with ample time for review and questions. Submissions are due on or before the last Friday of each month. If submitted afterwards, they will be reviewed in the next intake. 

Approval to proceed is not an endorsement of the project, and does not imply any type of partnership between the Council of the Haida Nation and applicant. It also does not grant access to any CHN records, archives, or data — this requires additional approval. 

Note: Additional applications may be required depending on the location and nature of your work. If you are conducting business within any Haida Heritage Sites or BC Parks, visit FrontCounterBC for applicable permits. If you plan to travel into Gwaii Haanas, contact the media relations team by email with the word MEDIA in the subject line <>

Download the Council of the Haida Nation’s appropriate application form, complete, and submit to Communications at <


The Haida Gwaii Media Collective offers a range of services and resources for productions that would like to shoot on Haida Gwaii, these include: 

  • Access to film equipment rentals covering cinema cameras, gimbals, lighting, sound & grip;

  • Location scouting and local knowledge of shooting locations;

  • And access and connection to local talent like production assistants, dancers, camera operators, performers, musicians, local guides, and more!