Riding the tide on Haida Gwaii!

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The canoe named Xuuj Tluuwee, paddle boarders and kayaker came out with about 50 people to “ride the tide”. Photo: Guy Kimola

By Valine Crist —

On July 3rd, Haida Gwaii CoASt (Communities Against Supertankers) organized a RIDE THE TIDE – NO TANKERS event on-Island. Xuuj Tluuwee (a 14-person Haida canoe), 10 paddle boarders, and one kayak came out to participate in this fun demonstration. In total, some 50 Islanders and visitors gathered at the seawall in Gaaw Old Massett to celebrate our local waters and support the unity paddle to defend our coast from oil tankers.

Haida Gwaii’s RIDE THE TIDE was inspired by “The Week to End Enbridge,” a series of events that took place June 13-21 to recognize the one-year anniversary of the federal cabinet’s approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline project.  By participating, G̱aaw joined in solidarity with over 50 communities that were paddling, organizing dinners and dances, and fundraising together to stop Enbridge’s oil pipeline and supertankers.

To protect the coast from oil spills, local businesses and volunteer organizations across the province have raised more than $500,000 for the Pull Together campaign to date. That money will help support First Nations — including the Haida nation — that have launched legal challenges against this project, with the aim of stopping Enbridge once and for all.

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Credit Guy Kimola.

Photo: Guy Kimola

Carrie Anne Vanderhoop with fellow paddlers. Credit Kelly Cakes

Carrie Anne Vanderhoop with fellow paddlers. Photo: Kelly Cakes

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