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Orientating elected Council of the Haida Nation Representatives to the workings of the Nation is a process that takes patience, a lot of listening, and absorbing a vast amount of detailed information.  

That information can be new to Representatives or a refresher for those who have previously worked with the Nation. Regardless, it’s the weight of the responsibility of taking on the Nations business that settled into the online discussion over three days (January 11 – 13). And, part of that weight is the realization of the amount of work to do and the number of staff required to keep a government running.  

Practically, it’s understanding the Haida Nation Constitution, Haida Accord and policies while also learning about four international agreements between Indigenous Nations, seven provincial agreements, six federal agreements and two agreements that involve all three governments – Haida, BC and Canada. It’s also about getting immersed in the Haida Title Case and negotiations with other governments. 

The 16 committees will take a majority of the Representatives’ attention by setting high-level direction for the day-to-day operations of directorates and departments. Following the national election, committees are reset with Representatives putting forward their interests with final decisions about who sits on which committee being decided by consensus through often lively discussion. 

The three-day online briefing also brought in senior staff to speak to their work within directorates providing more detail on the day-to-day operations of programs and staff.  

Wrapping up the work session, President of the Haida Nation, Gaagwiis Jason Alsop said he was excited about the new Council’s wide ranging skill sets and “moving forward in an informed and grounded way”. We are at a place where we are ready to “implement and bring tangible results back to citizens,” he said, referring to the recently signed GayGahlda Changing Tide Framework Agreement.  

“Get a rest,” Gaagwiis said, “as the work is not going to stop for three years and the Nation is watching.” 

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The Executive Committee is:  
President of the Haida Nation, Gaagwiis Jason Alsop; Vice-President, Ginn wadluu un uula isdaa ayaagang Trevor Russ; Gaw Tlagée Representatives, Steven (Buck) Grosse, alternate Kuuyas 7waahlal gidaak Lisa Hageman; HlGaagilda Representatives, Kung Xangajii Shawn Cowpar, alternate Xyallaga Daaguuyah Desi Collinson.

In addition to the President and Vice-President the Full Council is:  

Gaw Tlagée Regional Representatives  
Guuday Guud Dlaaya Vince Collison 
Stephen ‘Buck’ Grosse 
Kuuyas 7waahlal gidaak Lisa Hageman 
Kalaagaa Jaad Tarah Samuels 

HlGaagilda Regional Representatives 
Xyallaga Daaguuyah Desi Collinson 
Kung Xangajii Shawn Cowpar 
Daal Skil Randolph (Randy) Pryce Jr. 
Gidin Jaad Erica Reid 

Kxeen Regional Representatives 
Kaakuns Pansy Collison 
W.R ‘Bill’ White 

T’agwan Regional Representatives 
Laanas Tamara Davidson 
Yaahl Guula Tasha Samuels 



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